About The Unicorn CTO

The Unicorn CTO is a private membership for CTOs and engineering leaders looking to learn and grow with like-minded peers.

The back story

CEOs of high-growth tech companies have support systems: books, business schools, training, experts, coaches…

But what about CTOs?

As an engineer, you don't learn to manage teams, scale organisations and become a leader. You learn to solve problems and become a technical expert.

But, when your company grows, you must hire, manage and lead teams.

And for some reason, while there’s a ton of content for business people, engineers are supposed to learn management, organisational design and leadership on their own. You know, because they’re such great learners 😉


Daniel Jarjoura

Hi 👋 My name is Daniel Jarjoura,​ and I'm a software engineer.

Over the past ten years, I've mentored, advised and coached hundreds of CTOs and engineering leaders, from very early-stage startups to executives managing hundreds of engineers.

I learned that a lot of management practices do not apply to engineering organisations.

But I also learned that there are tools, frameworks and best practices from, and for, engineers.

A private membership for CTOs and engineering leaders

That's why I decided to launch The Unicorn CTO to provide CTOs and engineering leaders with:

  • A comprehensive Knowledge Hub with hundreds of original and curated content, to learn how to scale and manage engineering teams;
  • A Community of like-minded peers to get feedback and build their network;
  • Weekly live Workshops to learn new ideas, ask questions and get help solving their current challenges;
  • One-on-one Coaching with me to get challenged and reach the next level of their career.

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